Swindon Evening Advertiser, Monday 27th December 1999
Police switchboards lit up last night after dozens of people across the town reported seeing a UFO. Police described it as "a bright point of light - like a very bright star" which raced about the sky over the northwest of the town at about 1.30am.
A spokesperson from RAF Lyneham refused to comment on whether they had tracked the object on radar.


Bristol Post, Wednesday 29th December 1999
Emergency services are still mystified today by the sudden appearance of a severely injured man at Bristol Royal Infirmary.
Simon Puttner, a 32 year-old plumber from Redland, was carried into the hospital's Accident & Emergency department at 11.30pm last night after a one-car traffic accident near junction 18 of the M4 just after 11.20pm. Doctors at the hospital say the quick response almost certainly saved Mr Puttner's life as he arrived at the hospital clinically dead but was miraculously able to be revived. He is now said to be in a serious but stable condition.
Police are appealing for witnesses to help explain how Mr. Puttner's Good Samaritan managed to get him to the Royal Infirmary in less than 10 minutes.
Anyone with any information should call the police on 0117...

Swindon Evening Advertiser, Thursday 30th December 1999
Over 60 people in the town contacted police last night after seeing lights in the sky. Residents reported wan object with a bright head and long sweeping tail, similar to one reported on Friday.
A spokesman for RAF Lyneham told us "It wasn't one of ours, but we did track an object for almost 45 minutes."
If you saw the UFO and have photographs or videotape of it then please contact our Newsdesk on 01793...

Swindon Evening Advertiser, Saturday 1st January 1999


A man who was mugged in the Park South area of the town has sensationally claimed he was rescued by an alien who saw off his attackers before flying him to the town's Princess Margaret Hospital.
Sean Derby, 19, of Coate, told police he was walking home late Friday night when three men appeared, one armed with a knife, and demanded money. Mr. Derby ran off, but was caught and beaten and kicked to the floor by the gang. While he was on the ground a glowing "alien" apparently landed and saw off the attackers before picking Mr. Derby up and flying him through the air to the hospital and leaving him there.
Dr. Alice Crampin from the hospital said Mr. Derby's injuries were indeed consistent with a violent assault by at least two attackers, though not with "abduction by aliens".
Police have appealed for witnesses after the attack, which took place on Camus Street at approximately 11.10pm.

Bath Gazette, Monday 3rd January 1999


Firefighters are praising a mysterious "glowing man" who single-handedly rescued a family of five trapped in a blazing house in Anderton.
Over 20 astonished witnesses, including eight firecrew in attendance at the blaze, saw a brightly glowing man drop from the sky and ask how many people were inside. The man then calmly walked into the fiercely burning house. Seconds later he burst through the roof carrying the two youngest children of the family, landing them unharmed into the arms of waiting ambulance crews before running back into the house to rescue the remaining victims, emerging with all three scared but safe.
The man then returned to the blazing house, apparently to check everyone was out, before flying off at high speed, leaving a bright trail of light behind him.
Fireman Tony Mayer, 30, who was in attendance at the fire, said it was "the most amazing thing I've ever seen - and firemen don't say that very often."
The glowing man is reported to be about 5' 10" tall, in his late 20s, white and of average build with dark hair. He was wearing jeans, a dark T-shirt and trainers.
If you have any information about this amazing story then phone our News Hotline on 0945...

The Daily Mail, Wednesday 5th January 1999


The usually peaceful city of Bath witnessed scenes previously only seen in science fiction yesterday evening when a brightly glowing flying man came to the rescue of a family.

The Sun, Wednesday 5th January 1999


Stunned firemen were left gasping yesterday when a mysterious flying man saved a plucky family of five from their burning home.

SHAZAM! He FLEW in from nowhere!
KA-BOOM! He LEAPT into the flames to rescue the family and emerged without a scratch!
KER-ZAP! He PUNCHED his way through a solid brick wall!


The Swindon Evening Advertiser, Wednesday 5th January 1999


Following yesterday's extraordinary events in Bath the Evening Advertiser would like to apologise unreservedly to Sean Derby for our treatment of him in a story in last Saturday's edition.

The Guardian, Thursday 6th January 1999


It sounds like a comic-book story but it seems the whole country is today searching for the miraculous flying/glowing man who soared spectacularly into national view on Monday evening. He may wear jeans and a T-shirt rather than a mask, but ironically this is perhaps the best disguise of all in Britain today.
The unique individual has yet to come forward despite appeals by the police, tabloid offers of over half a million pounds for an exclusive interview and even questions in the House of Commons resulting in an invitation from Prime Minister Tony Blair to "drop in" at number 10.
Interest is mostly concentrated along the M4 corridor through Wiltshire and towards Bristol, where odd news stories and strange lights in the sky were apparently reported over a week ago...

The Swindon Evening Advertiser, Friday 8th January 1999


This blurry photograph, taken by Sandy Martin of Blunsdon, on Sunday night, is the first published photograph of the "Swindon Superman" who was first seen flying over the town last week.
The picture shows a glowing man-shaped object in the skies over the town. Although no proper detail can be made out, this is the first photographic evidence that the "Superman" exists and may actually live in the town.
Amateur astronomer Sandy caught the image on camera after noticing a "UFO" and managing to snap a picture of the object through his telescope.
It's now four days since the "Superman" was spotted in Bath - although his career in the town appears to have begun over a week earlier - and nothing has been seen or heard since. If you know anything about...

The Mirror, Sunday 10th January 1999


In true SUPERHERO style the mysterious "Superman" helped save more than a dozen people after a HORRIFIC eight-car pile-up on the M4 outside Newbury last night.
The accident happened when a coach carrying 50 pensioners PLUNGED across the central reservation causing a SEVEN CAR PILE-UP. The driver of the coach lost control after swerving to avoid another coach in last night's thick fog.
Witnesses say they saw a blinding light from above which turned out to be the "Superman". The glowing man landed lightly on the ground and asked the rescue services to step back. He RIPPED open the side of the coach to allow rescuers access and DRAGGED out two of the cars embedded under the coach.
Then, alerted to flames flickering around the coach engine by firemen, the man pulled out the coach's fuel tank and flew off into the sky with it.
Firefighter Larry Duff, a 14-year veteran of the fire service, saw the tank EXPLODE in the man's arms some 50 metres up, "He came back down and the wind put the flames out but he wasn't even bothered, there was smoke coming off, but not a mark on him, no soot, nothing. It was incredible!"
71 year-old Margaret Stubbs who was a passenger on the coach says she saw "A bright white light outside. I heard the coach tearing then there was a big whoosh and a bang up in the air. I didn't know what was going on."
Emergency services, stuck in two-mile long traffic jams, thanked the unknown "Superman" for physically lifting some of their vehicles from beneath and FLYING them to the scene.
The driver and passenger of one of the cars were pronounced dead at the scene, but a spokesman for Reading General Hospital, where most of the injured were taken last night, said "Without the incredible actions of this remarkable young man many more could well have died."
"Superman-ia!" pages 2, 3, 6 and 7.

New Scientist (Editorial), 11th January 1999
The appearance in our midst of a fully-fledged "Superman" understandably has scientists scratching their heads. The half-baked explanations offered by some of those on the fringes of science have done nothing to help matters, but it seems nothing more positive is likely to be offered until such time as the individual himself comes forward and offers himself for study and analysis...

The Big Issue, 15th January 1999


Next week's Big Issue features a world exclusive interview with the incredible superman! He's never spoken to the press before but has now agreed to speak exclusively to the Big Issue about who he is, where he comes from and what it's like to pick up a house with your bare hands!

The Star, Saturday 17th January 1999


Lucky homeless were rubbing their hands with glee yesterday after the incredible "SUPERMAN" offered to make his FIRST ever scheduled appearance for a full interview in homeless mag The Big Issue.
A Big Issue bigwig told your super-Star, "He just rang up and offered an interview. We thought it was a JOKE but it's the real thing!"
Stunning STAR-let Mary Thomas told us, "He can fly me to the moon anytime!"

The Law Review, 19th January 1999


US publisher DC Comics was today granted an injunction against the British daily newspaper The Sun for the use of the name "Superman", which has been a trademark of the company for over 60 years, to describe the country's elusive super-man.

London Evening Standard, Monday 19th January 1999


Air Traffic Chaos Grounds Holiday Flights

Western Daily Press, Tuesday 20th January 1999


Toddlers' miracle rescue from window ledge

The Big Issue, 22nd January 1999
Following the massive amount of anticipation surrounding the Big Issue's exclusive interview with the "super-man" Dean Fisk (his name, sadly, is not Clark), the Big Issue has decided to postpone all our other features this week in favour of a complete transcript of Cathy Alton's interview with Dean...

Muzik Magazine, January 1999


Seen at Le Scala in London's slightly less than super King's Cross last Saturday was super-man Dean Fisk, twistin' the night away at Sonic Mook Experiment.
One flying clubber said, "He was really going for it and he was, like, glowing in time to the music. It was SO cool."
Let's hope we can cadge some of the boy's own special power-pills off him!

The Mail on Sunday, 1st February 1999


Dean Saves Doomed Boat Crew It was a dramatic night rescue in abominable conditions but Dean Fisk was again being praised as a hero today after saving the crew of a cargo ship that ran into difficulties in the Channel, flying back no less than five times to pick up the crew of the stricken vessel and return them to the shore.

The Telegraph (Editorial), Monday 2nd February 1999


It seems scarcely a day goes by without the antics of Dean Fisk being praised to high heaven in at least one newspaper (The Telegraph has frequently been among them).
However, Mr Fisk's pronouncements of socialist sympathies in the Observer yesterday do deserve some special attention.
"I certainly wouldn't help the police if I thought they were in the wrong," says Mr Fisk, and "I'm not saying I would deliberately set out to break the law, unless I felt it was a bad law..." "Things like the Stock Exchange make me angry - money that could do so much good for so many people being wasted on assholes…"
Coming from any normal citizen these words might easily be dismissed, but Mr Fisk's every word or deed is these days being hung upon by some of the younger, more impressionable members of our society, and it is these he must take care to set a good example towards.
Even more disconcerting must be the fact that few individuals in history have possessed so much power as Mr Fisk does, and the lessons of those that have are singular. For him to suggest a flouting of the law quite so lightly must strike a chill into the hearts of law-abiding citizens throughout this country.

The New Statesman, 4th February 1999
It seems the Left may have a new champion in the form of super-man Dean Fisk whose perhaps not-so-astonishing statements over the weekend have made more than one MP sit up and rumble volcanically...
It will be, at the very least, interesting to see the effect Mr Fisk's simple existence, let alone sympathies, will have upon the British political climate.

London Evening Standard (Society column), Thursday 5th February 1999
Seen out and about in London this week was super-man Dean Fisk, spotted at numerous exclusive clubs with new celebrity pals Chris Evans and Damon Hirst.

TV Quick, 5th February 1999
Monday 8th, BBC2, 10:20pm. TFI Friday. Super-special guest Dean Fisk talks to "madcap" Chris Evans.

Swindon Evening Advertiser, Saturday 6th February 1999


The Italian government has declared Dean Fisk "a man of miracles" following his single-handed emergency airlift of food and supplies yesterday to regions still isolated by Wednesday's massive earthquake.

NME, 8th February 1999
Blooper's Saturday night gig at The Forum in Kentish Town turned into something a bit special when super-man Dean Fisk joined the band on-stage, singing backing vocals on "Just When She's Down" and giving a lightshow that almost caused a meltdown for final number "De Luxe Luck".
Lead singer Shelby Ezra told NME, "He came up to us beforehand and said he was a big fan, so we asked if he wanted to help out. It's not a chance you're going to want to miss, is it?"

Candis Magazine, February 1999
Many thanks to "super-man" Dean Fisk for taking a group of patients from Great Ormond St. Children's Cancer Ward on the ride of their lives last month.
The youngsters aged, between 5-16, were amazed when Dean arrived at the ward and, after speaking to the Ward Sister, offered to take all the sick youngsters on a flight over the city...
"It's done them all the world of good," said Ward Sister Pamela Crippen, "it's the next best thing to a cure!"

The Daily Mail, Thursday 11th February 1999


Arrogant "super-man" Dean Fisk was unanimously slammed by the Police Federation yesterday after he refused an invitation to join their new anti-drugs campaign.
The damning allegations came after the known anarchist super-sympathiser was personally invited by Metropolitan Police Commissioner John Allcock to participate in advertisements warning youngsters about the dangers of drugs.
Fisk has increasingly been seen frequenting clubs and bars known to be havens for Ecstasy and Cocaine peddlers.

TIME, February 12th 1999


It is a long recognised maxim that absolute power corrupts absolutely. What then are we to make of the recent words and deeds of the extraordinary British "super-man" Dean Fisk?
His avowed support of left-wing causes, refusal to cooperate with his government's own war on drugs and statements implicitly suggesting the traditional British bobby may not be able to rely on his whole-hearted support are all real concerns, and not just for British Prime Minister Tony Blair.
Mr Fisk's unprecedented appearance at the London Stock Exchange last week and his impassioned rants against not only the role but the very existence of the money markets seem to presage a new and ominously proactive role in politics.
No real analysis has been made of the extent of Mr Fisk's abilities and it is entirely possible that if he has been hiding his light under a bushel, as it were, we may all be in for a very rude awakening.

The Brighton Post, Friday 12th February 1999


The playground of ______ Junior School was silent today after the insane gun rampage by caretaker Trevor Wallis late yesterday afternoon in which eight pupils were killed and 11 more injured, four seriously…
Area Police Commissioner Colin Aldiss praised the remarkably quick response from super-man Dean Fisk, who was called in to assist when police were unable to stop Wallis, a former Para…
Commissioner Aldiss said it was "unlikely" that any charges would be made against Fisk over Wallis's death.

The Sun, "Bizarre" entertainment section, Monday 15th February 1999


A tired and emotional Dean Fisk came close to BLINDING Bizarre photographer Geoff Simpson on Saturday night when the 35-year photographer snapped these embarrassing photographs of Dean outside a Soho drinking den at 5am yesterday.
Said brave Geoff, "I was on my home when this guy bumped into me as he STAGGERED out of a bar. I thought it was just another DRUNK at first, but then I recognised him so I grabbed my camera and took these snaps of Dean."
SWEARING he would KILL him, Dean's not-so-angelic aura nearly BLINDED Geoff. Luckily the HERO photographer managed to escape with these snaps for POPWORLD.

The Guardian, Tuesday 16th February 1999


Rescue services continued to battle the massive blaze still burning out of control after 36 hours this morning, amidst calls from environmental groups for the area around the rig to be declared a disaster zone.
Despite the heroic efforts of rescuers and tireless work by Dean Fisk in evacuating the crew of the rig and trying to extinguish the fire it was confirmed today that 11 workers had died in the disaster.
Seven of those rescued were still in a critical condition in hospital with very severe burns.

Evening Standard, Wednesday 17th February 1999


Sources at Buckingham Palace say Her Majesty was not amused after being kept waiting for 45 minutes at the opening of a new cancer wing at King's Hospital yesterday. The "super-man" eventually flew in, unkempt and smelling of alcohol according to witnesses, after frantic phone calls by King's management staff to his message service.
This is the second time in the past fortnight that Dean has failed to turn up for scheduled appearances.

The Daily Star, Saturday 20th February 1999


Stunning Star model Mary Thomas sensationally claimed today that she and RANDY super-man Dean Fisk had SEX together in the skies over London during a PASSIONATE WEEK-LONG FLING!
In further revelations Mary revealed that Dean was ADDICTED TO COCAINE, using the illegal DRUG to stay awake for days at a time.
"He'd get in from helping someone, do more cocaine and fly right back out again - he tried to get me hooked too!" said the beautiful brunette - see her in FULL on page 5!

The Times, Monday 22nd February 1999


Super-man Dean Fisk was being sought by the Metropolitan Police after a dawn raid on the Mayfair flat donated for his use by an anonymous supporter. The raid follows allegations of drug use made against Mr Fisk in a tabloid newspaper this weekend…

The Daily Mail (Editorial), Tuesday 23rd February 1999


It is this paper's opinion, as it must surely be that of law-abiding individuals across the country, that Dean Fisk's refusal to submit to police arrest on charges of possession of cocaine represents a typically two-fingered salute to authority by this super-yob. He must realise that as a citizen of this great country he is as bound as anyone, by its laws. Having deliberately broken them he must now be treated like any other common criminal...
We have to thank the courage of model Mary Thomas, who spoke out against the liberal PC excuse-mongering of the left-wing apologists for Dean Fisks' often appalling behaviour. Miss Thomas brave stance in denouncing Mr Fisk as the desperate attention-seeker he so obviously is deserves all our praise.

Socialist Worker, 24th February 1999


March in London this Saturday!

Green Anarchist, 24th February 1999


The hypocrisy of this press in this country is amazing. A relatively minor drugs charge against a unique and spirited individual like Dean Fisk is being used to completely discredit him for the crime of expressing inconvenient views. Only last week the same people were singing his praises…

The Daily Mail, Thursday 25th February 1999
Mary Thomas models Christmas underwear gifts for the women in your life!

Sunday Mirror, Sunday 28th February 1999


Central London was in ruins this morning after "Super-man" Dean Fisk was horrifically killed last night in a massive pitched battle with Army Special Forces units which left two people dead and 35 injured.

The popular super-hero, whose amazing antics have gripped the nation since his sudden appearance two months ago, was shot down by a squadron of attack helicopters at 9.55pm. The Army opened fire after Fisk, 25, refused to surrender. One helicopter pilot tragically died in the attack, shot by his own side as Fisk tried desperately to rescue him from a blazing helicopter.

The demolished south side of London's Embankment resembled a war-zone this morning. Most of the riverbank was destroyed or burnt, smoke was still rising from some craters and the enormous Millennium wheel had completely collapsed, smashing everything underneath it. A large marquee covered the spot where Fisk was blown to pieces by deadly Sidewinder missiles, identical to those used in the Gulf War.

The incredible battle caused damage estimated at over £4 million - including the London Aquarium and the unfinished Millennium Wheel, both of which were totally destroyed in the chaos.

A spokesman for the Fisk family refused to comment on Fisk's horrific death last night. Metropolitan Police Commissioner John Allcock was unavailable but Major-General Charles Montague-Heath, commander of the Special Forces Unit that killed Fisk, told The Mirror "My men did an excellent job in very difficult circumstances, they are all to be congratulated on their restraint and professionalism".

The drama began at 9:20pm last night when police were called to the beer garden of the George Canning pub in Brixton, south London, where Fisk was drinking with friends. He had been on the run from charges of cocaine possession brought against him last week. Nearby streets had to be evacuated as police cordoned off the pub. Using loud-hailers, officers in full riot-gear called for Fisk to give himself up.

Pub regular Saffron Walker told us, "Police shouted at Dean to surrender or else."

When Fisk didn't reply police fired CS gas into the crowded pub hoping to catch him. The dangerous choking gas caused two people to be hospitalised, but still didn't stop Fisk. Said Saffron, "Dean was a bit drunk but he flew into the air towards the river because he didn't want anyone else to get hurt. The police just jumped into their vans and left us there choking."

Army Special Forces Units with tanks and attack helicopters tracked Fisk to the Thames Embankment just minutes later.

A half-mile wide area around the Embankment was evacuated and by 9:45pm Fisk and the Army units were left facing each other across the river.

An eyewitness watching from a nearby tower block said Fisk sat quietly on the top of the Millennium Wheel while police and the Army shouted at him through loud-hailers to surrender. At 9.50pm Fisk jumped off the Wheel and landed on the riverbank where he put his hands up to surrender. Apparently unprovoked, a shot was fired at him which would have killed a normal man. But the troops were stunned as he simply jumped back up again unharmed and dusted himself off. His famous glow flashed like lightning, which panicked the Army into opening fire.

Fisk zoomed into the sky then dived onto the turret of one tank and smashed it. He then dodged a Sidewinder missile which hit the London Aquarium behind and completely destroyed it.

Fisk grabbed the helicopter which fired the missile and forced it to crash into the Thames, leaving father-of-two Flight-Lieutenant Terrance Crews, 39, trapped inside the burning helicopter. As Fisk tried to rescue him, three stray bullets killed the luckless pilot. Heavy machine-gun fire bounced off Fisk but still he carefully returned the pilot's bullet-riddled body back to the sinking helicopter and stood quietly in the middle of the river.

It was then that the helicopters fired four deadly missiles, blasting Fisk across the river into the middle of the Millennium Wheel. Tangled, spread-eagled, in the Wheel's cables, Fisk was an easy target for a final barrage of missiles which blew the trapped and helpless hero apart.


The Sunday Express, Sunday 28th February 1999


Dean Fisk was dead and central London was in ruins today after the wanted super-man refused to surrender to the police or Army Special Forces units.
After an incredible battle Dean was finally stopped by a fleet of Army attack helicopters.
Full pictures - inside.

The Independent on Sunday, Sunday 28th February 1999



The Mail on Sunday, Sunday 28th February 1999


Ministers and tourists alike were this morning praising the heroic actions of the Army's Special Forces unit in stopping a drug-fuelled rampage by Dean Fisk on London's Embankment yesterday.

The Guardian, Tuesday 1st March 1999


A government inquiry has been ordered into the events surrounding the death of "super-man" Dean Fisk on Saturday evening following allegations of government foul play.

The Observer, Sunday 5th March 1999


Following last Saturday's horrific scenes in central London thousands thronged both sides of the Thames last night to pay their last respects to the murdered Dean Fisk...
The river became a rainbow as a steady stream of wreaths was thrown into the Thames to float gently downstream towards the sea.

* Epilogue *

Chelmsford Star (Classifieds - Births) Monday 5th November 2000
Roy and Eunice Thomas are proud to announce the birth of their first grandchild, a beautiful baby boy glowing with health, by their only daughter Maria.